Lions or Lambs

by Larry Hamilton

This article talks about the importance of a perspective that can look at reality, take account of the challenges being faced, your resources, and then work with and adapt to life situations.

Counting Peas

by Leah Michelle Hamilton

This article looks in a humorous way at the challenges an the importance of keeping a life balance 

Suggested Reading             

                                                                     These are suggested readings on a variety of personal and family topics

Childhood Depression & Bullying

This presentation originally given at Saddleback Valley Community Church, has been presented at several venues in Orange County. The symptoms of childhood depression are explored along with interventions. In addition bullying is discussed. It is defined, and methods to reduce and stop it are outlined.

Childhood Disrupted: When Depression & Anxiety Show up in Childhood

This presentation was given at Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest, California. Definitions of anxiety and depression are discussed, symptoms identified, and tools that parents can use to help their child thru these difficulties are given.